The History

In 2001, David Sax harboured a dream to own his own pub. It was an idea that simply would not leave him alone. He went to bed thinking about it and woke up in the middle of the night plotting and planning how he would turn this idea into a reality.

One day, he decided to leave his safe and cosy career in Financial Services and sold his business. With every penny he had, he bought The Parkstone Hotel. He bought the building in 2002 and in August 2003, The Cow was born.

The Cow was an instant success. It had a bar, a bistro and a private dining room that was sponsored by champagne house, Alain Thiénot. From the day The Cow opened, it was hugely popular. It had a fantastic reputation for great food, amazing service and a superb atmosphere. In just 4 short years in 2007, The Cow was awarded the highest accolade from the pub trade press when it won National Free House and National Pub of The Year.

In 2008, David purchased The Museum Inn in North Dorset. David enjoyed huge success at The Museum Inn, with foodies and celebrities alike flocking to eat and indulge in overnight stays at the pub. In 2011, David decided he needed to spend more time with his young family and he sold his business

The Now

With his family now a little older and his passion for the catering industry still as strong as ever, David has developed what he believes is a totally new use for the “tired” traditional pub.

Over the past 10 years, David has been fascinated by the rapid expansion of the coffee shop model. He sees the coffee shop as an excellent way of keeping a venue busy all through the day.

However, he still believes whole heartedly in the bistro and bar business. That is why he has developed The Maison Sax brand to deliver all three things; Café, Bar and Bistro.

With this concept, David believes that Maison Sax can be all things, to all customers. We can cater for the early risers, stopping off for their first coffee before they start their working day, parents who have just finished the school run, right through to breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

So, from our customers’ first coffee to their last Espresso Martini, Maison Sax really is their one-stop venue for everything they need to keep them happy, re-fuelled and refreshed!